18 maja 2014

perfection (eng)

[This is my first post from 19 June 2011 "perfection" ("perfekcja")]

What is perfection? Is it worth to have it? Is it worth to be perfect?

ideality, unquestioned efficiency, proficiency in something, the highest perfection in the performance, doing something perfectly.

Perfection, you say? It is a real nonsense. This may sound drastic, but it's true.Of course, in the world will be fools who will strive for perfection. But, what really is perfection?
Nothing. Quite nothning.
I hate this word! Being an ideal means no development. There is no space for creation. Therefore the wisdom and skills aren't longer needed. You know what that means?
 For us, scientists, artists, perfection is also the same as despair. 
Our aspirations will never have an end, but do not lead us to perfection. Each artist and the scientist has to deal with this paradox and found in it a little bit of sense.
 In other words, paying attention to such trivial things as perfection, you condemn yourself up for failure.

Why I write about perfection? I am fascinated by the impossible.

Perfect Sin

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